What is the difference between pvc wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper? Dec 14,2020.
Many people now use wallpaper to decorate their houses. Because houses have wallpapers, they also look good and have a good texture. Modern home decoration pays more attention to personal style, so more and more people start to use wallpaper. Such things as PVC walls are also increasingly used. Many people know that wallpaper itself has a good decorative effect, and it is also a building material with strong environmental protection characteristics. The textures of wallpapers vary, so there are different types. But many people do not understand the difference between non-woven wallpaper and pvc wallpaper. Because non-woven wallpaper and pvc wallpaper are very good sales products.

What is the difference between PVC wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is a kind of directional or random fiber, which is a new type of environmentally-friendly decorative material with moisture resistance, good air permeability and light weight. It is the most popular new environmentally friendly decorative wallpaper in the world. It can make you visually comfortable, and has the function of sound absorption and ventilation, benefiting is also the first choice for high-end home decoration wallpaper. Particularly suitable for bedrooms. The PVC wallpaper is a decorative wallpaper composed of high molecular polymers, mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride resin. It not only has good decorative effects.

Benefit From the original point of view or from the price point of view, in fact, the difference between non-woven wallpaper and pvc wallpaper is also relatively large. Non-woven wallpaper and PVC wallpaper have their own advantages, you can choose according to your needs. In terms of price, the price of non-woven wallpaper is more expensive, and of course it is more advanced and environmentally friendly. And PVC wallpaper is cheaper, of course, environmental protection is not as good as non-woven wallpaper.

PVC Wallpaper

PVC is known as Polyvinyl chloride or in short vinyl. They are commonly embossed to give them a luxurious textural effect. These wallpapers are very durable which makes them easy to clean and maintain. As compared to non-woven for installation and removal, due to the properties of the material, they are much difficult to process.

Their main characteristics are very strong design and decorative wallpaper, also waterproof with strong water resistance. PVC wallpaper cost are also much affordable compared to non-woven.

Non-Woven Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper material is made from natural plant fiber refined, and equipped with high-quality natural wood. Hence, they are in fact a complete different level material as they are environment friendly natural items which give them a edge in the current technology.

Non-woven main characteristics are breathable, lightweight, flexible and also very easy to install and remove from wall. As non-woven have a breathable edge, the wall beneath the wallpaper is protected from mildew growth.
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