Wallpaper FAQ Analysis May 25,2020.
First, the pull line

Its performance is that there is a straight line on the surface of the wallpaper that is different from the surrounding color. The wiring problem may occur in the two processes of coating or printing:

1. The reason for the coated wire is that the coating step knife is worn or there are large particles in the paste. When passing the coating step knife, it stays in front of the coating step knife, and the base paper behind the particles cannot be coated with the paste.

2. The cause of the printing wire may be the abrasion of the printing blade or the presence of impurities in the ink.

Second, color difference

This refers to the color difference that appears on the wallpaper. There are two cases of color difference:

1. In-batch color difference refers to the color difference of wallpapers within the same batch number.

2. Batch color difference refers to the color difference between different batches.

Due to the influence of objective factors such as temperature and ink (concentration of ink volatilization), the color difference of wallpaper is unavoidable. Every wallpaper manufacturer is improving the process to minimize the factors affecting wallpaper production as much as possible.

Thirty-three, wrong version

This means that there is a certain deviation in the composition of the pattern structure of the wallpaper, which makes it look incomplete. This may be a problem that occurs during printing or embossing. The composition of the pattern on the wallpaper has a certain position. When each layout is printed, it must be aligned with the previous edition, including embossing, otherwise, it is prone to misprints.

Fourth, wrong flowers

After the wallpaper is affixed to the wall, a complete pattern cannot be spelled together. This may be caused by cutting too large or too small when cutting the ears, or it may be that the construction staff did not stick the stickers in the correct way, which caused the tension of the wallpaper Change, deformation.

Fifth, Stain

During the gelatinization process of the wallpaper, certain substances in the paste will volatilize as the temperature rises. The hot mixed gas will condense after reaching the top of the oven. When it reaches a certain weight for a long time, it will drip onto the wallpaper surface to form a stain. In addition, the machine Lubricants from parts may drip onto the paper during operation.
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